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Announcing the 2022 Black and Latine/x Award winners!

The i3b community is proud to present the 2022 Black and Latine/x Award winners!

The recipient of the Black/Latine/x Advocate of the Year Award is Dr. Tania Lizarazo. The recipient of this award is someone who consistently shows a dedication to serving Black/Latine/x people at UMBC or in the greater Black/Latine/x community through their activism, research, or civic engagement. This person recognizes the challenges unique to many Black/Latine/x people and seeks to contribute to Black/Latine/x communities facing these challenges through their service. The person's passion for service is evident to all those who surround them.

Dr. Lizarazo has been a warrior advocating for the Latinx community at UMBC. She is a professor of Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication. Even with the limitations that virtual class can have, she successfully engaged and fostered love for Latin American topics. She is an advocate of promoting and highlighting the contributions of the Latinx woman in the history of a patriarchal culture. Her support and understanding helped many students get through the times of COVID. This nomination was submitted by Viridiana Colosio Martinez.


The recipient of the Black/Latine/x Student Leader of the Year Award is Jazmia Perry. The recipient of this award is a Black/Latine/x-identified student who has made a lasting contribution to the UMBC community either through a student organization, a campus student employment position, assistantship, or extracurricular activity. This may be in service to the Black/Latine/x community, to another community, or cause. This student is influential, inclusive, and has a strong social justice lens that promotes equity and community building. The student nominated for this award embodies the idea that service is something that is ongoing and is reflective of the needs of the community they serve.

Jazmia is a mentor for minorities of many different age groups and is an advocate for mental health awareness. She often puts forth sound solutions to issues plaguing society or for the improved functioning of government for its citizens. Wherever she directs her path, it is clear she is equipped to advocate for causes that help the greater good. She portrays these qualities in addition to being a mother. Her peers describe her as very hardworking, enthusiastic, and empathetic. This nomination was submitted by Daniela Garcia-Rojas, Cindy Lo, and Diana Torres.


The recipient of the Black/Latine/x Scholar of the Year is Sarah Turner. This award recipient is a Black/Latine/x-identified student that has shown strong academic performance during their student career at UMBC either through their coursework, special projects, and/or research. Their work may be Black/Latine/x-focused or not, and it stands out among our gifted and talented UMBC students. This student has demonstrated creativity, persistence, and/or grit despite any sociopolitical or identity-based barriers. A student nominated for this award may also have served as an academic mentor or role model to their peers.

Sarah is a McNair Scholar and a URA recipient who performs research in the Department of Public Policy. Her research this semester focused on disadvantaged students and their academic performance. Even with the many responsibilities she has at home and within McNair, she remains highly efficient and focused on her academic goals. Her wisdom is highly valued within the McNair community. She is not only a strong leader, but an inspiration to her peers.


The recipient of the Black/Latine/x Ally of the Year award is Beatriz Gutierrez-Malagon. This award recipient is a person who may be Black/Latine/x-identifying or not, but has made a commitment to supporting Black/Latine/x individuals on campus this year. This person has worked to support the Black/Latine/x community on campus in addition to their other academic and co-curricular commitments. If Black/Latine/x identifying, this person has made efforts to help other Black/Latine/x identity groups in the community.

Beatriz has been at UMBC for the past few years serving as a Professional Staff Member. The recipient of the award has consistently demonstrated that she puts in 110% of the work in everything that she does. From advising SGA, to being one of the co-creators of the Multicultural Leadership Experience Initiative, and most recently serving as one of the search committee members on the recent Presidential search committee, it is clear that she is passionate about the work she does and particularly centering the needs of student leaders of color. UMBC is truly fortunate to have her and the nominator states how grateful they are for getting to know her and calling her their colleague.


The recipient of the Black/Latine/x Excellence Award is Michael Hunt. The award is given to a Black and/or Latine/x-identified person who has had a timeless impact on the UMBC Black and/or Latine/x community and has been with the UMBC community for at least three years. This person has gone above and beyond by demonstrating signs of leadership in the Black and/or Latine/x community either by showing courage, compassion, or common courtesy. This award may go to any current or past staff, faculty, student, and/or alum who's priceless contribution to UMBC's Black and/or Latine/x community echoes the celebration of diversity for which our institution is known.

Michael Hunt has been an advocate for so many students and scholars everywhere over the years. He is the director of the McNair Scholars Program and in this role, he inspires and supports many black and latinx students in their journey to graduate school. With this, he has encouraged, motivated, and uplifted so many people in all minority communities. He wants scholars to know that they shouldn't change themselves to fit into white supremacist institutions-- they will be changing the institution. Having someone like him in your support network/family is highly valued.

Congratulations to all of the 2022 Black and Latine/x Award winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations, and to those who were part of the nomination process.




Posted: May 27, 2022, 9:36 AM