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i3b Advisory Board

The Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion & Belonging (i3b) Advisory Board is a community of UMBC faculty, staff, students, and alumni committed to fostering an equity-focused, justice-oriented, and inclusive campus community. Through the support of i3b programming, advising and consultation with i3b professional staff, and advocacy for i3b and our three identity, inclusion, and belonging spaces: The Pride Center, The Gathering Space for Spiritual Well-Being, and The Mosaic: Center for Cultural Diversity, the Advisory Board will serve as a direct tie to faculty, staff, student, and alumni needs, voices, and ideas. Through a partnership with Advisory Board members, i3b hopes to cultivate new community connections, leverage existing strategic partnerships, and contribute to a stronger sense of belonging, especially for underrepresented and minoritized students, through informal mentorship and collaborative planning for new and existing programs and initiatives.


Eligibility requirements for students include being a full-time UMBC student 12 hours undergraduate, 9 hours graduate), a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA, and being in good academic standing. In addition, students must be connected to other student communities on campus (e.g., SGA, GSA, student organizations, and scholar community members). If you are graduating within one year of your term, you are expected to continue in your role as young alumni.

Eligibility requirements for staff and faculty include at least one full year of employment at the university.

Eligibility Requirements for alumni must have been connected to alumni chapters or organizations (e.g., Alumni Board of Directors, CBLA, CYA) or student communities during their time on campus (e.g., SGA, GSA, student organizations, scholar community members)

Time commitments & role description: Board members should expect at minimum to meet monthly for one hour, are expected to attend at least one i3b event or program a semester, and volunteer for at least one large-scale event per year like PAWTalks, Pangea, Lavender Celebration, and/or Connection Groups like First-Year Connections, SistaCare, and Retriever Immigrants United (RIU). Board members will be appointed for a two-year term.

Donate: Support Our Work

When you give to i3b, you contribute to our values and commitments to changing UMBC and the world. Through our values and commitments, Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion & Belonging (i3b) creates opportunities for students of all social identities to learn in spaces where they are seen, heard, and valued for their full selves. Grounded in radical love and belonging, we equip our campus community with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to take action against intersectional forms of systemic oppression at and beyond UMBC.

Below are some testimonials from students, staff, faculty, and community members:

“I have been thinking much more about our meeting last night. Up to this point, I have looked at social justice as just too big a nut to crack. I have not seen a place where I can participate in any meaningful way. I am not into marches or banner waving, so I have ended up doing nothing (except feeling ashamed). Your presentation of the social justice ecosystem, as I think about it, gives me a new perspective and arouses my enthusiasm.” – OCA Mocha Mondays participant

“Initially, I was worried about joining UMBC this semester, wondering how a virtual first semester would impact my relationships with my peers and the university itself. However, after taking your course and interacting with you, and my classmates, I am happy to say (or write) that I feel welcomed. The conversations we held were not only insightful and informative, but they also helped me create connections I may not have made otherwise. Additionally, your understanding and positive attitude (even when you and the rest of us were tired) truly helped motivate me when I was unmotivated.” – Race, Social Justice and Dialogues FYS participant

“I felt so welcomed which is incredibly important during uncomfortable, intense, and important conversations such as this. I loved the emphasis on not freezing anyone in time, I think growth is so important.” – Multicultural Leadership Experience participant

“I appreciate the space that was created. At first, I was a bit nervous and didn’t feel like I could freely share my experiences, but the leaders did a great job at making me feel relaxed and welcomed even when I had what I felt was an “oopsie”. I am grateful that there is a space where I can be open and honest about the struggles that I am facing.” – Training attendee, student reflection

“By far the most welcomed I’ve ever felt in an LGBTQ+ space! I’m so glad UMBC has these sorts of initiatives.” – Lavender Celebration attendee

“Wonderful way to engage and create a community learning space for grad students, staff, faculty and adult 25+ learners. More of those intentionally constructed spaces are needed and this workshop series helps UMBC create more of them.” – Workshop Wednesdays attendee, faculty/staff reflection