About Us

Inclusive Excellence is a hallmark of UMBC and a foundational value of our community. We take great pride in the diversity of experience, background, and thought represented by our campus community and the respectful ways in which our students, staff, faculty, and alumni engage in the civic issues being debated in our country today.


Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion, & Belonging (i3b) is dedicated to creating an environment that supports cross-cultural education and collaboration at UMBC. We invite you to join us in our commitment to empowering all UMBC students and staff to be culturally conscious and informed members of our community. A safe and inclusive space for students and staff of all backgrounds, we strive to develop innovative programs and initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity, equality, and social justice.


We envision drawing upon and energizing UMBC’s diverse population by providing opportunities for critical cultural exploration; engaging in learning and dialogue across differences in identity, values, and experiences; promoting social justice on and beyond the campus; and empowering the members of the UMBC community as agents of social change.