Training and Leadership Development Programs

DreamZone: Immigrant Allyship Development Workshop Mosaic lotus in circle

This all-day workshop is designed to help students, staff, faculty, and alumnx create a more welcoming, affirmative atmosphere for immigrant members of the UMBC community. The program includes various activities for community members at all levels of knowledge and comfort with the immigrant experience and concerns, from basic terminology, core concepts, immigrant intersections, and stories to skills-based sessions on immigrant-based policy and allyship development. Participants will have the opportunity to be the first ones to join UMBC i3b’s formal network of DreamZone Ally List.

How to Be A Better Ally: Allyship Development Workshop Series

How to Be A Better Ally is an interactive workshop focused on helping participants learn how power, privilege, and oppression impact others to incorporate best practices to refine their allyship techniques. After each workshop, participants complete an allyship action plan in connection with the highlighted population in an effort for them to practice active allyship skills that they can take with them to allow them to integrate them into their daily practices in their personal and professional lives.

Inclusion. Diversity. Education. Access. Leadership. (IDEAL) Training and Facilitation Internship

The IDEAL Internship, which stands for Identity, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Leadership, focuses on cultivating a community built on a foundation of inclusive excellence and social justice. IDEAL is a paid internship for students who are passionate about social justice and interested in facilitating workshops with and for their peers.

INTERACT: Dialogues Program

INTERACT is a five-week dialogue program for UMBC students.InterACT Dialogues

Through four short sessions, you will join a small group to learn and practice the necessary SKILLS to become INCLUSIVE LEADERS and ENGAGED COMMUNITY MEMBERS.

By completing INTERACT Dialogues, you will join hundreds of other students who have made the commitment to ensure UMBC is a place where all students feel that they belong.

What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is a focused and intentional conversation where people listen deeply and share authentically.

When and where can I participate?

There will be 5 – 7 small groups of up to 15 participants happening in residence halls and other locations across campus at different times.

What do I get for participating?

New i3b swag such as a free t-shirt AND the chance to build community, develop leadership skills, and cultivate a deep sense of belonging to the UMBC campus and community

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Multicultural Leadership Experience (MLE) Mosaic lotus in circle

The Multicultural Leadership Experience (MLE) initiative is a UMBC collaborative departmental effort that consists of two programs: MLE-Series and Multicultural Leadership Cohort Experience (MLCE), which focus on student leadership development through an identity-conscious lens while centering on cultural humility. Campus Life and i3b collaborate to offer MLE to student organization leaders but equally target students with limited exposure to positional leadership. MLE is currently the only leadership initiative designed with unique student experiences, identities, and skills.

SafeZone LGBTQIA2+ Allyship Development Training Workshop Progressive Pride flag in Retriever icon

The SafeZone LGBTQIA2+ Allyship Development Workshop is designed to help create a more welcoming, affirmative atmosphere for LGBTQIA2+ community members of UMBC and beyond. The program includes various activities for participants at all levels of knowledge and comfort with LGBTQIA2+ culture, topics, and concerns, from basic terminology, core concepts, LGBTQIA2+ intersections, ranging from how to support those in the “Coming Out” process, to skills-based sessions on pronoun usage, to best allyship practices. It includes various distinctions and intersections between sex, gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and other social identities relevant to the LGBTQIA2+ experience.

This training is composed of five modules in either a day-long or multi-session structure. Once completed, participants can join UMBC’s formal network of SafeZone LGBTQIA2+ Allies that functions similarly to the UMBC OutList. SafeZone Allies will receive a placard to signal to UMBC community members of their commitment of allyship toward the LGBTQIA+ community. Please note that all sessions must be completed in order to receive the placard.

Workshop Wednesdays: Social Justice Skill Development Workshops

Workshop Wednesdays are monthly opportunities for faculty, staff, graduate students, and adult learners to engage in social justice topics that can support their personal, academic, and professional development. All sessions are interactive and designed for skill-building and practice. Through reflective and interactive activities, participants explore their own social identities, consider the intersectional impact, and will develop personal action plans relating to the highlighted topic. This program is particularly useful for UMBC community members who have been looking for ways to learn and engage with social justice-related concepts but have not had the opportunity to through other avenues.