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INTERACT: a 5-week dialogue program at UMBC for students

Unlock Better Communication and Leadership

Unlock Better Communication and Leadership: Join the Interact Dialogues Program to enhance your skills in discussing challenging subjects with diverse perspectives. Experience small group sessions led by fellow students, happening weekly and discover vital dialogue abilities, nurture empathetic listening, exchange cross-cultural stories, and explore your own journey."

The "INTERACT" program is a 5-week dialogue program at UMBC for students. It consists of 4 short sessions where participants learn and practice skills to become inclusive leaders and engaged community members. Completing the program means joining a community of students dedicated to making UMBC an inclusive place. Dialogue in this contest is a purposeful conversation where participants listen deeply and share authentically. The program will have small groups of up to 15 participants, held at different campus locations, and participants will receive i3b swag, like a free t-shirt. Participating offers the chance to develop leadership skills, build community, and enhance a sense of belonging at UMBC.

Please use the QR code or click HERE to register. 

Posted: August 31, 2023, 1:18 PM