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UMBC TALKS Series: Spring 2012

Exploring Cultural Complexities Through Questions & Dialogue

 All discussions will be held in the Office of Student Life’s Mosaic Center for Culture & Diversity, Commons Rm. 2B23 on Wednesdays during free hour (12-1pm).

Wednesday, February 15th, 12-1pm

No Such Thing as “Post Racial”: Dealing with racism in a “post racial” society (In honor of Black History Month)

Wednesday, February 29th, 12-1pm

The 2012 Elections: What’s at stake for minorities and women if the GOP is elected?

Wednesday, March 14th, 12-1pm

The Other F Word: What feminism looks like in 2011 and how the role of women continues to evolve (In recognition of Women’s History Month)

Wednesday, March 28th, 12-1pm  

Exploring Mixed Identities:  Examining identities and experiences from a mixed race/mixed ethnicity perspective.

Wednesday, April 11th, 12-1pm

Navigating the Varying Cultural Aspects of Sexual Assault

(In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

Wednesday, April 25th, 12-1pm

Where Do We Go From Here? Reviewing the legislative session and marriage equality in Maryland

(In early recognition of National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month in June)

Wednesday, May 2nd, 12-1pm

Being Asian American: Exploring and Dispelling the Model Minority Myth

(In recognition of Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month)


Invitation to participate: Students or faculty interested and able to serve as a co-facilitator for any of these dialogues are encouraged to contact the OSL Mosaic center at 471-455-2686 or mosaic@umbc.edu.

Please note: Groups of 10 or more must RSVP via email (mosaic@umbc.edu) at least 2 work days in advance of each dialogue.

Posted: February 1, 2012, 2:42 PM