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Meet The DEI: Matt Cheng

Profiling the Mosaic Center's Diversity Educator Interns

The Diversity Educator Interns are a mix of six, talented undergraduate and graduate students who work to fulfill the Mosaic Center's mission and vision by promoting cross cultural programs, education and collaboration. Want to know more? Contact mosaic@umbc.edu.

Q: What is your year and major at UMBC?
I am a Junior and am double majoring in Psychology and Media & Communication.

Q: How is your major applicable to diversity education?
A: My majors are not applicable to diversity education, but they have helped me learn different ways of thinking and communicating. I can apply my knowledge to diversity education by helping increase communication and understanding through events, videos, and other forms of communication.

Q: Why did you decide to apply for the Diversity Educator Internship?
A: Diversity education is something that I have always been interested in. I wanted to help bring different groups and people together to discuss and accept each other. I believed this internship would help me figure out how to
use my personal skills to educate others about diversity.

Q: How would you define diversity?
A: I believe that diversity occurs when people accept and acknowledge differences in others.

Q: How does UMBC foster an appreciation for diversity?
A: UMBC has a multitude of groups that students can participate in that provide opportunities to interact with different cultures and beliefs. Even if you don’t participate in a group, it is impossible to walk around campus and not find someone who has a different background from yours.

Q: What are ways that students can participate in advocacy for diversity?

A: I believe that students can be advocates by learning instead of assuming when it comes to others, going to events that are not the norm for them, and keeping an open mind.

 Q: After graduating how will you continue to be an advocate for diversity?

A: I’m still figuring out everything for after graduation, but I would love to go find work as a Diversity Educator or eventually become someone who teaches about gender stratification and stereotypes. I find diversity, cultural interaction, and gender stereotypes interesting and going into any of these fields would give me tools to be an even better advocate for diversity. I also view being an advocate for diversity as a life style. It can just be little acts of kindness and acceptance, not a huge world changing cause.

Posted: January 30, 2012, 10:30 AM