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Repost: New Event Requests

Please note that this applies to our three reservable spaces

This post is a repost of a message sent out to all UMBC community members that have 25Live reservation access by Joel DeWyer, Associate Director for Campus Life Operations. The following procedures will apply to our three i3b reservable spaces (i.e. The Mosaic - The Commons 2B23; The Pride Center - The University Center 201 D; The Gathering Space for Spiritual Well-Being - The Center for Well-Being 103). Please contact us at i3b if you have any particular questions about the i3b reservable spaces. 

"Dear campus partners:

We currently have a 14-day buffer period built into 25Live that universally restricts users from requesting events less than 14 days out.  We have temporarily put this in place, in part, because of the limited inventory of spaces, the risk assessment review that's required, and the advising that is often still needed to coordinate campus services.  

We have been receiving an influx of event requests from users for dates beyond the 14-day window, but with event descriptions in 25Live that request an actual date less than 14 days, sometimes as few as three.  This effort to bypass the buffer has been increasingly difficult and frustrating as we continue to strive to serve all of you fairly and consistently.

We are certain that nobody has been attempting to do this with ill-intent -- we understand that we're all trying to do the best jobs we can each day during this unusual time.  We appreciate your understanding that, going forward, we will not be approving risk assessments or location requests for events and activities that are attempting to circumvent the buffer.  

In partnership,

Joel DeWyer
Associate Director, Campus Life Operations"

Posted: October 1, 2021, 1:14 PM