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UMBC is one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, and we value the richness that such diversity brings to our campus community. At UMBC, Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion & Belonging (i3b for short) creates opportunities for students to build their awareness of self and knowledge of diverse people, cultures, and belief systems. In our work, i3b aims to equip students, staff, and faculty with the awareness, knowledge, skills, and actions to co-create a more inclusive and social justice-oriented campus community. Through facilitated discussions, classes, informal gatherings, educational engagements, presentations, and campus-wide events, individual students, student organizations, as well as faculty and staff learn the skills to create inclusive, just, and mutually respectful communities at UMBC and beyond.

Our Centers:

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The Gathering Space for Spiritual Well-Being

The Gathering Space serves as a spiritually-centered space where UMBC community members can gather at the intersection of religion, faith, spirituality, and other lived experiences.

Learn more about The Gathering Space

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The Mosaic

The Mosaic strives to provide diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning opportunities that center and celebrate racial, ethnic, and national identities.

Learn more about The Mosaic

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The Pride Center for LGBTQIA2+ Diversity

The Pride Center for LGBTQIA2+ Diversity is a communal space that envisions, nurtures, and advocates for a flourishing, healthy, and inclusive LGBTQIA2+ community.

Learn more about The Pride Center

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March Mosaic Newsletter

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Make sure you check out our newsletter below with our events this month! Congratulations to Sylvia Anokam for getting featured in Dylan's Corner!  Here's an extra link to...

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February is Black History Month!

Check out and share our attached calendar of events!

The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United...

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Black History Month 2017: February UPDATED

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National Black History Month 2017 continues through February! See our attached UMBC calendar of events highlighting what's happening on and off-campus for the remainder of this month!  This...

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Black History Month 2016 - February

Natl Theme - Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African Am. Memories

See our attached UMBC calendar of events highlighting what's happening on and off-campus!!  This calendar is produced by Student Life’s Mosaic: Center for Culture and Diversity and highlights some...

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Black History Month 2015 Calendar of Events (Online Version)

Check out some of the many events happening this month!

Click on the attached UPDATED FLYER for full details.   As you can imagine, this just a cross-section of the many on and off-campus events happening throughout the month of February. If we...

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