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So you want to be an "Ally"?

How to Be a Better Ally Series

"How to Be a Better Ally", is a co-facilitated workshop series that focuses on various underrepresented and/or marginalized populations. The series aims to provide UMBC community members with the basic practices for allyship, specifically for the highlighted population.


For the Spring 2023 semester, the "How to Be a Better Ally" series has now expanded to include the following programs. These programs serve as a foundation for allyship under the intersectional identity areas. "How to Be a Better Ally" as a stand-alone program is a workshop to further participants' understanding of the targeted population. This workshop can be requested using the i3b workshop request link here.


FaithZone: Exploring Faith & Spirituality at UMBC

Thursday, February 23rd | 3:30 - 5:30pm

The Mosaic 2B23 The Commons

Monday, March 27th | 3:30 - 5:30pm

The Gathering Space 103 CWB


Join the conversation and exploration of religion, faith, and spirituality in this workshop at UMBC. This session will include a brief overview of the national landscape of religious practice and spirituality on college campuses, encourage storytelling and connection through the lived experience of participants, provide an opportunity to learn and discuss best practices, and introduce participants to resources and opportunities to engage further with this topic and the UMBC community.


Living into the Tension: Faith, Diversity, & Allyship

Wednesday, March 8th | 4:00 – 5:00pm

The Mosaic 2B23 The Commons


In partnership with The Gathering Space for Spiritual Well-Being, join the conversation and discuss the importance of being an ally during the intersections of race & ethnicity with religious & spiritual beliefs and identity. This workshop will further unpack the understanding of living at the intersections of religious, spiritual, and racial identities.

For further information and updates on our "How to Be a Better Ally" series, check our myUMBC page for additional information. 

Posted: February 2, 2023, 10:20 AM