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Repost: Cast Your Whole Vote!

Some important "to-do's" for National Voter Registration Day

September 22, 2020 10:07 AM

Reposted on behalf of The Center for Democracy and Civic Life (CDCL)

CDCL in partnership with the Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Association, is coordinating UMBC’s campaign to encourage every member of our campus community to “cast your whole vote” in Election 2020. “Casting your whole vote” means committing fully to building strong, inclusive, just communities in which everyone can thrive, before, during, and after the election. 


We hope you will participate in this campaign, which launches today, Tuesday, September 22nd (National Voter Registration Day), by doing the following:


  • register or check your registration and make a voting plan using the tools at ALL In to Vote;

  • take the ALL In to Vote pledge (and help put UMBC atop the national leaderboard), and share that you did (this is open to students, faculty, and staff);

  • plan to attend the programs featured on thisElection 2020 Events flyer(and RSVP where required); 

  • spread the word to your UMBC networks using the resources in the UMBC Cast Your Whole Vote Toolkit; and

  • reshare the Toolkit with people at UMBC who may want to support the Cast Your Whole Vote campaign.


Spreading the word is especially important. Please use and share the Toolkit to help and encourage them to cast their whole votes.

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